Chicken Soup Recipe Delicious

Sop or soup is one of the delicious broth served while being warm. It is usually eaten with rice and also as a natural flu remedy or fever. Indeed, chicken soup is made from chicken. You can be a shredded or chicken. Making chicken SOP itself is very easy, for some people may not cook it.

Chicken Sop recipe is also very easy you get the ingredients. For those of you who are curious about the recipe, let's look at the following articles. Just read on and practice at home.

INGREDIENTS Make chicken soup
-500 grams of chicken meat
-3 fresh carrot sticks (washed clean)
-1 green onion celery
-2 tablespoons of salt
-150 grams of crank (cut)
-100 grams of potatoes (cut)
-3 shallots
-5 Garlic
-100 gram Pepper
-1000 ml of clean Water (for soup)

How to make chicken Sop

  1. Boil the chicken first until tender and cooked.
  2. Then take the frying pan/pan and clean the water. Put scallion, carrot, crank, potato and celery and chicken input.
  3. Then kneade the seasoning of onion, garlic, pepper and also salt until smooth.
  4. Put all the seasoning into the pan, stir until evenly.
  5. Wait until all the ingredients are soft, ripe and smell fragrant.
  6. Serve soup in medium bowl
  7. Chicken soup is ready to serve.

That's the information about delicious chicken Sop recipes that you can try for home and can be used as your food reference menu today. The Tips above can you try, because it is very easy to make? Don't forget to share this interesting article. Thank you for reading this article.


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