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How To Make Tea Tarik Fast

Tarik Tea is one of the typical warm drinks of the country of Jiran, Malaysia. Usually we often find tea tarik in some mall foodcourt or certain places. A pull-out tea is found, mostly using ice. Some people must be very curious how to make a warm pull tea by yourself at home.

To enjoy the cold rainy weather, the Tarik tea is one of the best cold complementary drinks. Plus snacks or fried foods. Well, livestock recipe this time will share the article about making a warm Malaysian-style pull tea recipe delicious. Which you can make reference to drinks today.

In the following, we also discuss the material making of the tea Tarik, do not forget to prepare some tools to make this delicious brew tea. Here is interesting information for you all lovers of tea.

Tensile making tea Ingredients

1 Pack of Tubruk tea150 ml hot water3 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
How to make a pull tea

Prepare Tubruk tea and pour into glass.Then boil the water until cooked to boilAfter boiling the lift and pour into the…