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How to Make Espresso Coffee With Easy

How to Make Espresso Coffee With Easy - Espresso is a delicious warm coffee that is inseparable from coffee lovers. Having a distinctive flavor of its own, espresso can not be replaced with other coffee. For coffee lovers, especially black coffee. Espresso itself has an image of a distinctive flavor that we can not get any more. Usually we find espresso at the coffee shop or the elite café. Because espresso coffee is elite.

For coffee lovers, you can want to make this espresso coffee with delicious and delicious. So also do not have to bother to café or coffee shop. You just have to read the article on how to make yummy delicious Espresso coffee that we will be reviewing in the following article.

Espresso Coffee recipe

How to make Espresso coffee without machine
INGREDIENTS to prepare

Coffee Powder Classic Drip (Coffee Brewing)Powdered tea to taste

How to make Espresso

First input 5 teaspoon powder into classic dripThen flatten the coffee powder while pressed to solid using the classic drip …

How to make special dragon fruit juice

The red dragon fruit and its white color is one of the fruits that you can eat, to be consumed to healthy for the health of the body. The benefits of dragon fruit itself is apparently able to lower cholesterol, to diet, prevent diabetes and many others. For dragon fruit itself we can make another alternative that is made of juice.

The recipe of making dragon fruit juice itself is actually very easy to get because you only need to prepare some of the tools and the main ingredient is fresh dragon fruit. For those of you who are looking for information about dragon fruit juice suitable once read this article. Here's the interesting information for you all.

Recipe and how to make dragon fruit juice

Ingredients to make dragon fruit juice

2 Fresh and ripe dragon fruit4 tablespoons granulated sugarSweetened condensed milk 250 mlIce cubes to tasteRipe water
-Medium Sized Glass

How to make dragon fruit juice

First of all the dragon fruit. Take the meat part using a spoon.Then input t…

Recipe and how to make Yellow Rice in Rice Cooker

Yellow Rice is one of the favorite food in Indonesia. Food that is always in every major event such as Tumpengan, circumcision, and events that smell Javanese tradition often use yellow rice as their main dish.

Yellow rice is better made by manual or using a charcoal/gas stove, but the development of rice cookers become increasingly instant with the use of Rice Cooker or often called Magic Com, well yellow rice recipe in Rice Cooker This will be our deery. For the problem of flavor can be the taste that we get as good as cooking manual, all depends on the material and the cooking way. But in my opinion for the result of yellow rice dishes in the Rice Cooker with the manual more delicious on the dishes in the gas stove/charcoal. But please try yourself...

Yellow rice recipe Ingredients in Rice Cooker:
Rice as much as 1 Liter
Salam leaves 3 sheets
Lemongrass 1 rod
Coconut water, Santan instant 1 pack 35ml
Water to taste
Materials that need to be puree:
Turmeric 1 finger water
Shallot 2 cloves

Korean cuisine recipe Halal

Korean cuisine recipe Halal-Korea is a country producing gingseng, besides the country famous with Boyband and Girlband which is often called KPOP. However, in addition to excellence in the music industry. Korea also has a good variety of delicacies that are a pity if not tasted.

Such a thing that bulgogi food is halal and already familiar in our ears. And also a good Tteobokki for you to eat, because the food is halal and delicious. The culinary Menu of Korean cuisine now seems to be the choice of many people because it tastes good and is also rare in Indonesia.

Previously also Devil Blog never shared another article about Japanese cooking recipes that are not less delicious with Korean cuisine. For that there is no need to linger again let's see the information interesting.


Required Materials

Korean Fish cake (can be replaced brain-brain)
Korean Rice cake
Cabbage to taste
1/2 Onion
1/2 Carrot
1 green Onion
Ingredients for the broth
1/2 glasses of water
6 pieces of kelp (seaweed)

How To Make Fried Rice

Fried rice is identical with archipelago cuisine. Who doesn't like Nasi goreng? Everybody loves nasi goreng until Obama loves this typical Indonesian cuisine. Very simple and looks easy to make, because the nasi goreng itself is indeed a good dish that can be made by anyone. Made from rice. This dish is very good served while warm and suitable accompany breakfast.

For those of you who want to make nasi goreng, you can try the following fried rice recipe and you can try the steps on the following interesting article. Jump on this interesting article.

Ingredients to make fried rice

White rice to taste (as needed)\4 shallots5 GarlicComplementary menu (egg/chicken/shrimp/Baso)Salt to tasteCayenneSweet soy sauceCooking oil
The first Ulek until smooth all the spices above. If it has refined the input of the delicate seasoning to the existing frying pan hot oil.Stir briefly, input the complementary menu.Then input the rice, give soy sauce while stirring lightly.Wait until it smells fragrant a…