How to Make Espresso Coffee With Easy

How to Make Espresso Coffee With Easy - Espresso is a delicious warm coffee that is inseparable from coffee lovers. Having a distinctive flavor of its own, espresso can not be replaced with other coffee. For coffee lovers, especially black coffee. Espresso itself has an image of a distinctive flavor that we can not get any more. Usually we find espresso at the coffee shop or the elite café. Because espresso coffee is elite.

For coffee lovers, you can want to make this espresso coffee with delicious and delicious. So also do not have to bother to café or coffee shop. You just have to read the article on how to make yummy delicious Espresso coffee that we will be reviewing in the following article.

Espresso Coffee recipe

How to make Espresso coffee without machine

INGREDIENTS to prepare

  • Coffee Powder 
  • Classic Drip (Coffee Brewing)
  • Powdered tea to taste

How to make Espresso

  1. First input 5 teaspoon powder into classic drip
  2. Then flatten the coffee powder while pressed to solid using the classic drip earlier.
  3. Pour hot water into classic drip using manual technique (do not dispenser)
  4. Close the Classic drip for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Pour the coffee into a small cup

Usually espresso is made not full cup, but only half. The technique you used without a coffee machine. If using a coffee machine The difference coffee is not from the powder, but from the original coffee beans. Well, how easy is it not to make espresso? Hopefully helpful and become a reference. Hopefully useful. Thank you for visiting this blog.


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