Korean cuisine recipe Halal

Korean cuisine recipe Halal-Korea is a country producing gingseng, besides the country famous with Boyband and Girlband which is often called KPOP. However, in addition to excellence in the music industry. Korea also has a good variety of delicacies that are a pity if not tasted.

Such a thing that bulgogi food is halal and already familiar in our ears. And also a good Tteobokki for you to eat, because the food is halal and delicious. The culinary Menu of Korean cuisine now seems to be the choice of many people because it tastes good and is also rare in Indonesia.

Previously also Devil Blog never shared another article about Japanese cooking recipes that are not less delicious with Korean cuisine. For that there is no need to linger again let's see the information interesting.


Required Materials

Korean Fish cake (can be replaced brain-brain)
Korean Rice cake
Cabbage to taste
1/2 Onion
1/2 Carrot
1 green Onion
Ingredients for the broth
1/2 glasses of water
6 pieces of kelp (seaweed)
6-7 pieces salted anchovy
Ingredients for Saos
1/2 minced garlic
3 tbsp red pepper paste
2 tbsp corn syrup
1/2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
Sesame seed to taste (for garnish)
How to cook broth
-Boiled anchovy, fish cake, and kelp (coarse seaweed)
-If cooked (tender) Pisahin Kuah from anchovy, fish cake, and kelp.

How to make Tteobokki stuffing

Prepare the cabbage, coarsely chopped.
Prepare carrots, peeled and cut thin elongated.
Prepare garlic, crushed so that the fragrance smells out when treated and then chopped.
How to make Tteobokki
Put the chopped garlic, red pepper paste, chilli powder to taste, soy sauce, and sugar into the gravy broth.
Wait 5 minutes while diaduk-aduk.
Masukin rice cake.
Add corn syrup.
Enter all vegetable stuffing (cauliflower and carrot).
Wait until the curse absorbs and thickens.
Cut the fish cake elongated, enter.
Once served, add sesame seeds.
Your Tteobokki ready to be served


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