Recipe and how to make Yellow Rice in Rice Cooker

Yellow Rice is one of the favorite food in Indonesia. Food that is always in every major event such as Tumpengan, circumcision, and events that smell Javanese tradition often use yellow rice as their main dish.

Yellow rice is better made by manual or using a charcoal/gas stove, but the development of rice cookers become increasingly instant with the use of Rice Cooker or often called Magic Com, well yellow rice recipe in Rice Cooker This will be our deery. For the problem of flavor can be the taste that we get as good as cooking manual, all depends on the material and the cooking way. But in my opinion for the result of yellow rice dishes in the Rice Cooker with the manual more delicious on the dishes in the gas stove/charcoal. But please try yourself...

Yellow rice recipe Ingredients in Rice Cooker:
Rice as much as 1 Liter
Salam leaves 3 sheets
Lemongrass 1 rod
Coconut water, Santan instant 1 pack 35ml
Water to taste
Materials that need to be puree:
Turmeric 1 finger water
Shallot 2 cloves
Garlic 3 clove
Salt to taste
The process of making yellow rice recipes in Rice Cooker
Recipe of yellow rice with rice cooker is fairly simple ingredients and the way of conception.

Clean rice like you when you want to cook rice as usual.
Put the rice that has been cleared into the rice cooker > add water to taste (depending on how you taste cooking rice) then input all the ingredients that have been smoothed including coconut milk.
Add also lemongrass rod and salam leaves into the rice cooker > Stir a few moments until all the seasoning mixed evenly.
After all is mixed evenly > Turn the rice Cooker, and the yellow rice is finished in the make, volumes wait until the cooking process in the Rice Cooker is completed.

Yellow rice recipe in Rice Cooker also managed to do this process automatically and simple after you do the process to turn on the rice cooker, you can prepare other needs such as side dishes and other vegetable additives, good luck


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