How to Make Hazelnut Milk With Fast

How to Make Hazelnut Milk With Fast - Talking milk is definitely everybody loves this drink. It contains many vitamins and D that are good for calcium, making people love milk as the main drink in daily life. Drinking milk usually during breakfast or cold weather, we always want to find a hot drink. Milk is a lot of kind, for those of you who love milk. You must try the hazelnut milk. What is hazelnut milk? Hazelnut milk is a blend of milk with hazelnut beans.

How to make your own hazelnut milk is not difficult, because you just need to follow the tips below, which will help you in making delicious hazelnut milk. Very recommended once for pregnant women because it adds energy and good to the fetus.

Hazelnut Milk recipe

Ingredients to make Hazelnut milk
-250 ml water
-100 grams of Frisian Flag milk/Milk powder
-20 ml hazelnut syrup
-1 tbsp vanilla ice cream
-1 tbsp biscuits (for toppings)

How to make warm Hazelnut milk

  1. First put the Milk Frisian flag together with the water to blender until foaming.
  2. Then pour the syrup into the glass, then add the ice, vanilla and biscuits earlier.
  3. Hazelnut milk is ready to drink.

That's the delicious hot Hazelnut milk recipe that can be tried today. Hopefully can help you who want to make hazelnut milk, when the weather is cold. Don't forget to share the following article. Thank you for visiting.


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