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Chocolate Pastries recipe

Chocolate pastries are identical to the Eid cake but also a pastry that we often eat for snacks. It may only be encountered on certain days that are often made during Lebaran, Christmas, family events and some other important events. Having a sweet flavor makes chocolate cakes everyone liked. Maybe the craftsmanship is quite old, but the chocolate cake recipe itself can be found easily. You can apply it by reading this article. So you can make chocolate cakes easily. Ingredients to make pastries 450 grams of wheat flour 200 grams dark chocolate 200 gram Margarine 50 grams of cocoa powder 3 eggs 1/4 granulated sugar Vanilla powder (to taste) Salt (to taste) Peanut (crushed) 1 teaspoon backing powder How to make chocolate pastries Brownies First you need to melt dark brown.  Then wait until cold blends margarine, vanilla powder and salt. Then shake until fluffy. Shake the egg and sugar until fluffy. Then input backing powder and cocoa powder little by little. Then put the chocolate dough

Special doughnut recipe

Donuts that are a wet cake that is familiar to our ears is a snack of many people from the past until now. Yes, talking about donuts from small children to adults must love this wet cake. It has a characteristic round and there is perforated hole that makes people memorize with doughnut shape. Served when warm using sugar was very tasty once we ate in the morning. Usually we often find in snack food stalls. But, do you know if donuts recipe is very simple and easy for you to make? INGREDIENTS Making Donuts -300 g high protein wheat flour -50 g milk powder Fullcream -1 Pack (11 g) Instant yeast -250 g potato, steamed, puree and chill -120 g refined sugar -75 g butter -1/2 tsp salt -4 egg yolks -100 ml cold water Complementary: -Sugar donuts (special sugar powder for donuts) -Melted chocolate How to make Donuts First combine the wheat flour, sugar, milk powder, and instant yeast, into one. Then stir. Then input fine potato stir until blended. Put egg yolks and cold water, knead until smo