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Panada Recipe Indonesian Food

Panada is one of the most delicious cakes coming from popular Manado like Klappertaart. Some people say if this cake is from the Netherlands, some people say when this cake originated in Portuguese. Because it looks like a very pastel. Presenting a panada with a warm drink will make you feel delicious. Yes, this pastry is suitable for breakfast and snacks. Yes, compared to go far to Manado. You can actually make the Panada delicious. With the delicious soft Panada recipe, you will be helped to make a delicious and tender Panada. Jump on the following articles. Recipe making Panada Leather material Panada -1,000 gram high protein wheat flour -2 packs (22 grams) of instant yeast -4 eggs -250 grams of sugar -1,000 ml coconut milk from 1 grain -200 gram margarine -2 teaspoons salt -Oil for frying Ingredient content -100 grams of dried soun, brewed -700 grams of carrots, cut in matches -400 grams of chical, finely sliced -700 ml coconut milk from 1 grain -3 tablespoons salt -6 teaspoons of