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How to make fresh mango juice

Mango is a familiar fruit in our ears, because it is a sweet fruit and also has many benefits for the health of the body. Yes, the green fruit is a good fruit eaten and also turned out to be good for mango juice lho. Maybe for those of you who are bored with the mango can you can try the tips on making the following Mango juice that will be shared by the recipe cattle. Before making mango juice, it's good to know how to make mango juice along with tools and ingredients. For us to easily make mango juice quickly. One of them that we need to prepare is mango fruit that is ripe. Well, go straight let's be listened to the following interesting article buddy. Ingredients to make mango juice 1 fruit ripe mangoes Sugar to taste Ice cubes to taste Boiled water to taste Blender Well, for a buddy who is bored with the above material you can combination mango juice with some mixture. For example Sweet Orange, lychee or extra milk. How to make fresh mango juice Wash the mango thoroughly, t