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How to make a special dragon fruit juice

Red dragon fruit and its white color is one of the fruits that you can eat to be used for a healthy body. The benefits of dragon fruit itself, apparently, are able to lower cholesterol, diet, prevent diabetes and many others. For the dragon fruit itself we can make another alternative, which is made from juice.

For the dragon fruit itself we can make another alternative, which is made from juice.
For dragon fruit itself, we can make another alternative, which is made from the juice.

How to Make Fresh Dragon Fruit Juice SpecialThe recipe for making dragon fruit juice by itself is actually very easy to obtain, because you only need to prepare some of the tools and the main ingredient is fresh dragon fruit. For those of you who are looking for information about dragon fruit juice suitable once read this article. Here is some interesting information for all of you.
Recipe and how to make dragon fruit juice
Ingredients to Make Dragon Fruit Juice2 Fresh and ripe dragon fruits4 tablespoons granul…

How to make fresh broccoli juice

Some of us may not like broccoli vegetables, because it has a bitter taste or is not a vegetable enthusiast. But, in fact, broccoli contains vitamin C and healthy body proteins. It can prevent breast cancer and has several other benefits. To make broccoli you need to try consumption. By making broccoli juice, you can already enjoy broccoli.

Yes, you can easily find broccoli juice recipes. For those of you who want to consume broccoli without the bitter. You just have to listen to the following articles and practices at home about creating the following broccoli juice. Ingredients for Making Broccoli Juice500 g broccoli juice400 ml ripe water200 ml of sweet orange juiceIce cubes to tasteHow to make broccoli juiceSlice the broccoli and the stalk. Then mix with boiled water until smooth.Remove, filter and set aside.Mix with sweet orange juice so that broccoli is not bitter.Stir and pour into a medium glass Do not forget to add ice cubesJus Broccoli is ready to eatThis is interesting in…

The recipe and how to make tomato spinach juice

Spinach tomato juice is one of the drinks you may not have tasted. Because, as we know, if spinach is a vegetable and fruit tomatoes. We usually find these two components only for cooking materials, but what happens if we can make a tomato spinach juice recipe? It definitely tastes a little bitter and a little weird.

But, in fact, spinach and tomato is a good content for the health of the body. For spinach itself, it contains vitamin C, and tomatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Well, for those of you who are curious to make just tomato spinach can listen to the following interesting article. Ingredients for Making Tomato Spinach Juice4 Hand Spinach 2 slices of tomatoAir Matang 300 ml BlenderSweet orange juiceHow to make spinach tomato juiceFirst you need to first transfer the boiled water to a blender.Then screw the spinach and tomatoes into the blender, turn on the blender at low speed.Wait until the spinach and tomatoes are smooth and chopped.Put a sweet…

How To Make Delicious Sweet Cane Water

Having sweet cane sugar is used as one of the plants that are often planted in tropical areas especially in Indonesia. The main ingredient to be used as sugar, sugarcane plant is good for sweets. Some areas often we meet sellers who make sugarcane water in the form of warm and ice. Yes, actually it is very easy to make cane water. But the hard thing is how to get the best sugarcane.

It is advisable to buy in the market or buy directly from the harvest in the area surrounding the sugarcane. For those of you who are looking for a recipe to make sugarcane, you can read this interesting article that is devoted to all of you.

How to make sugarcane water

Sugarcane water making material

1 kg Sugarcane200 gram Vanilla syrupWater to tasteIce cubes to taste

How to make sugarcane water

First cut-cut cane every size 1 meterThen after the cut, peel the skin of sugarcane then cleanedThen milled the clean sugarcane with a grinding tool to retrieve the waterStrain the water from sugarcane so that the small…

Doughnut Bread Recipe

Doughnut bread is a fried confectionary, made from wheat flour dough, sugar, eggs and butter. The most common doughnut is a ring-shaped doughnut with a hole in the middle and a round doughnut with fillings that are sweet, such as various types of jam, jelly, cream, and custard. But this time the recipe that I share is a bit different because there is an addition to the main ingredient of potatoes. Jump on the following recipe make it.

Doughnut Bread Recipe
-400 gr flour Protein high (i pake blue triangle)
-50 gr Milk Powder 11 grm Instant yeast
-200 gr potato, steamed, puree, chill
-100 gr granulated sugar
-75 gr butter 1/2 tsp salt
-5 Yellow grains telur100 ml cold water

How to make:

In the container mix wheat flour, sugar, milk powder, instant yeast, stir well. Stir in fine potatoes, pour eggs, & cold water. Knead until & is half-proof. Give Butter & salt. Knead continues to waterproof elastic, rest 15 minutes. For the dough, 50 gr (Let sit 20 minutes until fluffy. Luba…

Simple Tasty Korean Fried Rice Recipe

Simple tasty Korean fried rice recipe-In addition to the typical Indonesian fried rice, some countries actually have different flavors of fried rice. One of them is the Korean ginseng country. Yes, in addition to its advanced music industry and its excellent culture. Korea also has some dishes that are no less delicious. BOKGEUMBAP is one of the nasi goreng that does not differ from our fried rice.

Than having to travel to Korea. It never hurts to try making Korean fried rice at home. By reading this article. You can already cook Korean fried rice in your home. Here's the interesting information.

Korean Fried rice recipe

Fried Rice Ingredients:
-2 stems of scallion
-2 tablespoons butter
-White rice to taste
-3 cloves garlic
-1 piece of carrot cut

The spices are puree:
-1/2 teaspoons flavoring
-1/4 teaspoons of powdered pepper
-1/2 teaspoons sesame oil
-1 tablespoon of honey
-1/2 tablespoons fish sauce
-1 tablespoon black pepper sauce
-1 spoon the sesame, roasted
-1 piece of chopped onions
-150 gram…