How to make fresh broccoli juice

Some of us may not like broccoli vegetables, because it has a bitter taste or is not a vegetable enthusiast. But, in fact, broccoli contains vitamin C and healthy body proteins. It can prevent breast cancer and has several other benefits. To make broccoli you need to try consumption. By making broccoli juice, you can already enjoy broccoli.

Yes, you can easily find broccoli juice recipes. For those of you who want to consume broccoli without the bitter. You just have to listen to the following articles and practices at home about creating the following broccoli juice.

Ingredients for Making Broccoli Juice

  • 500 g broccoli juice
  • 400 ml ripe water
  • 200 ml of sweet orange juice
  • Ice cubes to taste

How to make broccoli juice

  1. Slice the broccoli and the stalk. Then mix with boiled water until smooth.
  2. Remove, filter and set aside.
  3. Mix with sweet orange juice so that broccoli is not bitter.
  4. Stir and pour into a medium glass
  5.  Do not forget to add ice cubes
  6. Jus Broccoli is ready to eat
This is interesting information on how to make fresh broccoli juice. The tips above can you try because it is very easy to do? Do not forget to share this interesting article. Thanks for reading this article.


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