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Recipe Fried Chicken Simple

Fried Chicken is the one food famous in the world,because this food very very good. The taste from fried chicken many variant. recipe fried chicken is very simple and you can try make fried chicken at home us this steps. Exactly you can make fried chicken with easy,just prepare chicken and several seasoning. So,let me sharing this recipe for you. Trust me it's work! Recipe Fried Chicken  Simple Fried Chicken Ingredients: Chicken Meat 1/2 kilo grams Many oils (used for frying) Simple Seasoning Fried Chicken : 3 Grain shallot Garlic 3 cloves Candlenut 6 Grains Turmeric 2 Finger Sections Salt to taste Chicken flavor flavoring to taste How to make simple fried chicken: The initial step of boiled chicken meat until cooked, lift and drain. Next put the chicken into the container, then enter the delicate seasoning. Stir until blended. Heat oil, then fry with medium heat until the color turns brownish. Lift and drain. Serve. So,this recipe fried chicken simple can you try at your home. Do

Chicken Ceker Dimsum Recipe Delicious

Dimsum is the one snack from part of Chinese cuisine. The type is very diverse, because all the cakes and appetizers can be categorized as dimsum. Making dimsum does need precision. But it doesn't mean it can't be made in a home. There are many ways to make dimsum that can be practiced, both authentic and easy. Here are some ways to make a choice of dimsum that can be made by yourself with materials that are easily obtained. So,if you wanna make dimsum you can read this article about Chicken Ceker Dimsum Recipe. From my recipe and several source. Recipe Chicken Dimsum Ingredient -1 kg of chicken ceker cleaned, then cut and divide the two -Then 6 pcs Flower Lawang -After that 1 cinnamon sticks -The 4th is 2 cm of ginger then Geprek -Then prepare 15 cloves of garlic and chopped -Do not height the sugar and salt to taste -Give 80 ml of mushrom soy sauce Pearl River -1 1/2 tbsp (sweet spoon) English soy sauce -4 tbsp (sweet spoon) sweet soy sauce -2 tbsp (sweet spoon) chilli sauce

How To Make Easy Chocolate Tea

How To Make Easy Chocolate Tea - Do you like chocolate? If you like with chocolate you must knowing if chocolate very good and delicious. Another to be food,chocolate can to be drink. Like chocolate hot,chocolate ice and etc. Genius Recipe in this article wanna share article about recipe chocolate tea for you. If you boring with chocolate you can remake chocolate with tea. You can try this step and read this recipe for you try at home. Recipe Chocolate Tea Before we immediately make it prepare in advance the ingredients needed to make a delicious chocolate tea drink, and the ingredients are : Boiling Water 1 cup Lipton Tea Caramel 2 tea bag Hot Cocoa Mix 2 packs Instant Ice Cubes 2 cups Whipped cream to taste for topping How To Make Chocolate Tea To soak Lipton Tea Caramel for approximately 2 minutes into boiling water, after that let stand until cold Blend the finished tea, hot cocoa mix, and ice cubes until smooth Serve after finishing in blender, then add Whipped cream to taste This