Chicken Ceker Dimsum Recipe Delicious

Dimsum is the one snack from part of Chinese cuisine. The type is very diverse, because all the cakes and appetizers can be categorized as dimsum. Making dimsum does need precision. But it doesn't mean it can't be made in a home. There are many ways to make dimsum that can be practiced, both authentic and easy.

Here are some ways to make a choice of dimsum that can be made by yourself with materials that are easily obtained. So,if you wanna make dimsum you can read this article about Chicken Ceker Dimsum Recipe. From my recipe and several source.

Chicken Ceker Dimsum Recipe

Recipe Chicken Dimsum

-1 kg of chicken ceker cleaned, then cut and divide the two
-Then 6 pcs Flower Lawang
-After that 1 cinnamon sticks
-The 4th is 2 cm of ginger then Geprek
-Then prepare 15 cloves of garlic and chopped
-Do not height the sugar and salt to taste
-Give 80 ml of mushrom soy sauce Pearl River
-1 1/2 tbsp (sweet spoon) English soy sauce
-4 tbsp (sweet spoon) sweet soy sauce
-2 tbsp (sweet spoon) chilli sauce grouse (if you like spicy can be added again)
-Then do not forget also oil for frying
-1 liter ice water with ice cubes
-3 tbsp cornstarch and dissolve with a little water
-2 large red chili Peppers and sliced

How To Make Chicken Dimsum

  1. Soak in advance the chicken with mushroom soy sauce Pearl river, and make sure it is dark all in color, then insert it into the Kulkan (not to freezer) for 2 hours
  2. After that Fry ceker in a large hot flame oil (the leftover soy sauce water should not be thrown away) and make sure the ceker is all oil immersed. Then fry until the brown is slightly crisp, direct soak in the ice water (for 1 hour)
  3.  Sauteed garlic and ginger using a little used oil from frying the ceker, sauteed until fragrant and withered, then enter cinnamon and flower Lawang
  4. After that, enter all the Saos (English soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce) and the remaining soy sauce, then wait to boil and enter a solution of cornstarch, sugar, and salt
  5. Enter a concer, red chili pepper (use a small fire once), and then close the 1/2 hour
  6. After that lift and Dimsum super tasty chicken, ready to be eaten with family


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