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Delicious Zucchini Soup Recipes

Delicious Zucchini Soup Recipes -  Zucchini soup is the one food different with japanese cucumber,if you know japanese cucumber category fruit While Zucchini which is an eggplant from Italy is in the category of vegetables . If you wanna knowing different japanese cucumber and zucchini soup you can read this article about zucchini soup recipes. so,When we see. there are small bumps on the surface of Japan cucumber. In addition, the surface also feels cold when held. Meanwhile, Zucchini has a surface that feels dry and coarse. Ok you must read this article interest. Ingredients : 7 small chopped zucchinis 1 chopped potato 1 dry onion 2 tablespoons cooking oil 5 cups of chicken stock How To Make Zucchini Soup Recipes First saute potato and onion in oil and add zucchinis. Brown a little,add chicken stock. And pure all ingredients to from soup This is a delicious soup if it can be served cold It is also niche hot,add a little seasoning Delicious zucchini soup ready to serve So,you can make